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Gripability Xhand - further possibilities...


Positive motivational effects due to diversified activities

The field of action carried out by a student with disabilities can be significantly extended through working with a Gripability Xhand. Also the productiveness is in the various fields of duties, clearly noticeably for the user, increased. These factors decisively influence his/her motivation positively.


Developing self-confidence and joy in learning by being creative

By using Gripability products, e.g. a student, can be offered multiple learning occasions beyond his/her previous possibilities individually adjusted to his/her requirements: he/she can hold and grasp things and thereby get a grip on the world. Diversified learn situations in which students experience themselves as successful, playful and creative action and work, all this leads to develop self-confidence and delight in learning.


Emphasising ego and self-concept development to facilitate an “I can” attitude

Students make contact with the technical and social comforts of modern society. This nurtures their power of judgement, their decision-making ability and their capacity to act. Handling new technologies combined with the thereby gained ability to do things independently, create self knowledge, form a concept of values and prepare for a mature participation in civil society. Job and occupation define self-respect and determine ones position in society. Gripability products are exemplary innovative in the field of »assistive technology« and consequently solely from this perspective the ideal working equipment for empowerment and inclusion processes.